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A New Challenge

posted on Monday, 7th February 2011 | find under Fitness

This year I really really wanted to try out competing in the synchro event as well as individual. Synchro is where you jump in time with someone on a trampoline next to you. You have to complete the same skills at the same height and this can be quite challenging!! I have never tried it before- I have wanted to but just didn't think I would be any good at it!
Anyway, my coach and my synchro partner's coach thought we would work well together so we thought we would try it out.... and it turns out we do work well together! Bryony came to our club over the weekend and we have now managed to get our routines going and will try them out as a test in the gala weekend at the end of the month! Synchro isn't in the Olympics but it is an event at the British, World and European Championships! It is a bonus for us as it will give us extra competition exposure and I have found that although I am totally out of my comfort zone, I am more relaxed doing the moves! I thought I would be hopeless at focussing on staying the same height as my partner whilst doing my moves too- I thought it would really distract me! But no, we seem to be really similar and it was quite exciting! Anyway, heres a little video of the start of our optional routine....... 


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