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A Journey

posted on Friday, 31st December 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

For many people, losing weight can be a major struggle.

But, today I want to share an insight that I gained from my weight loss journey.
It was this distinction, which really helped me to change how I felt about my struggling relationship with my weight and my body

I believe that it is our challenges which are our opportunities.
Instead of "problems" they are actually our gifts to transform struggle into ecstasy and joy, revealing and discovering who we really are...

It seems too co-incidental in my life, that all my hardships and problems were for nothing! When I look back on my challenges, through healing them I have synchronistically been led to somewhere quite magical....Somewhere that I could not be without having had the challenge.

This led me to think about my challenges as doorways to somehere new....
So, today please let any struggle you currently have instead of being a drudgery, be a celebration of how amazing you are, and a declaration to the Universe of where you are going.... Rejoice in the journey.....

Our soul, or spirit, or whatever you wish to call it, doesn't care about society-created rules and expectations...

It wants us to G-R-O-W and evolve into even better human beings, and that's exactly what we are doing when we transform something in our lives, isn't it? No matter what else is going on in our lives. It is only through our challenges, our problems and our struggles that allow and enable great growth...

So keep growing, and know right now that it is the struggle that enables the caterpillar to transform into the beautiful butterfly.

Without the hardship and the struggle, the butterfly doesn't have the chance to build it's wing muscles. Without the struggle you don't have the opportunity to grow into who you truly are....

So be like the beautiful butterfly, keep shining, be gentle and loving towards yourself and know that the struggle, challenges and difficulties actually bring huge opportunities for growth and new, deeper understandings about life and yourself...

Losing weight is a journey; a journey back to you and re-connecting back with who you really are.

I encourage you to be kind to yourself when things are hard, and know that this is when you are growing the most. Keep honouring and respecting yourself through the process, and trust that on the other side of the difficult times is everything you have ever wanted - So enjoy the ride!

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