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8 women, 8 desks, 8 pc’s, 2 printers in a 5 x5 room…cosy or confined?

posted on Friday, 14th May 2010 | find under 

It’s been a little bit crowded in the Internet office of late and it’s not just because Lucy our new customer service assistant has joined us! We also have 3 temporary members of our small Internet team, injecting a little bit of testosterone around the place we have the Mark, Mark and Mike team transforming our humble basement office into a new, modern, Sweaty Betty branded, ecommerce epicentre.

At present there are 8 of us all crammed into one half of the office to allow a new studio and meeting room to be completed before a new call centre, Kitchen and bathroom get fitted out. At present I think we are all feeling a little claustrophobic and a little bit wary of even a glance sideways as the close proximity has everyone accidentally eyeballing each other because of the lack of available air space.

It’s not long to go now and we are confident our new look office will be worth the wait, if nothing else it’s meant we have all bonded a little more during the past week, learnt to keep our elbows in, practice our core strength exercises every time somebody wants to pass by, developed inside (and less obtrusive) voices and made that think veil of dust on our SB gear fashionable. Can’t wait for the AFTER pics!

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