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7 Easy Tips: Heal Addictions & Transform Sadness and Anger

posted on Monday, 31st May 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Remember this: Everything is energy. When we channel our energy in the right direction, life works; opportunities fall at our feet, we magnetise the right people into our lives, and synchronicities happen to us in our lives magically....  When this creative energy is not flowing, we can feel blocked, depressed, angry and/or frustrated... 

Have a think about this... What are addictions?

To me addictions are energy that has been blocked, addictions are energy being released in negative ways...  You know we can be addicted to many things; like food, exercise, drugs, alcohol, suffering, and even thinking! Living a healthy life, is about living a balanced life of flow and true self expression of who you really are... Living a wonderful life takes courage to live in alignment with your highest self. It means doing work that you love, being in relationship with people that inspire you, eating food that looks glorious and tastes divine, moving your body, growing your mind and your life, and connecting to the miracle that you really are....  To say yes to these things, we have to have the strength and courage to say no to the things that do not resonate with us, like unsatisfying jobs, unfulfilling relationships, junky toxic foods and painful situations. Know this: we teach people how to treat us. Life is a mirror. When we respect ourselves from the inside, we attract others into our external lives that will too. Listening to your heart is one way to keep energy flowing in your life...  Having overcome many of my own addictions, and emerged victorious on the other side, here are 7 things that I do everyday to help me live a life I love...

1.  Yoga

2.  Affirmations

3.  Visualisations

4.  Writing (journalling)

5.  Beautiful food

6.  Love

7.  Kindness



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