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10 reasons to try Sweaty Betty Rumble

posted on Tuesday, 26th January 2016 | find under Fitness
Start 2016 on the right note and try the workout favoured by supermodels and athletes. Since the likes of Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss were spotted packing a punch, boxing-inspired workouts have been having a serious moment. Giving the fitness phenomenon a British twist is Sweaty Betty’s latest Get Fit 4 Free partner, the boutique studio 1Rebel whose Rumble class fuses shadow-boxing with martial arts. 

High-octane, fast-paced and guaranteed to make you sweat, Sweaty Betty Rumble is one workout you need to add to your routine, here are ten reasons why….

10 reasons to try sweaty betty rumble blog
Mila wears the Anusara Yoga Vest, Infinity Workout Bra and Splits Run Leggings

Define muscles you didn’t know existed
Struggle to target the upper body? Plenty of jabs, hooks and upper cuts during the boxing section of this workout tone and strengthen the arms and shoulders.

Less time. Fast results
If you always struggle to make it to the gym then this is the session for you. The free home workout video may only be 30 minutes long, but we can guarantee it builds up a serious sweat.

It’s all about the abs
Whip your core into shape with planks, hip rotations, sit ups and mountain climbers designed to target the abs and waist.

Stress busting
Boxing and martial arts have been proven to reduce stress, so pack a serious punch and upper cut any frustrations out of your system.

Get your heart racing
As well as toning, Sweaty Betty Rumble is a great cardio workout due to the mixture of short high-intensity rounds and metabolism-raising bursts – there are plenty of burpees... 

Strength building
The mixture of boxing and martial arts moves builds full-body strength, while being relatively low-impact to protect the joints.

Fine tune co-ordination
Boxing and grace may not traditionally be associated, but the combination of punching and kicks requires focused movements and excellent recall to challenge the muscles and mind.

The ultimate playlist
Meet the fiercest soundtrack around. A mixture of infectous music and endorphin-inducing, high-tempo beats will keep you motivated as you punch, jab and kick.

Push your limits
With exercises offered for every fitness level, keep testing yourself and trying new challenging moves during this intense class.

Mood boosting
Adrenaline-pumping, core-sculpting and high-intensity, this is a workout guaranteed to boost endorphins leaving you happy and empowered.

Need we say more? Find out more here and try a free in-store class at your local boutique every Tuesday until 16 February or try the home workout video to fit round other commitments. #GetFit4Free #SBKnockout
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