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How do I wash your clothing?

All of our clothes have washing guidelines on them. You should never wash our technical fabrics with conditioner as it clogs up the pores and stops the fabric from ‘wicking’ the sweat away from your skin. For more information, please check the product pages.


Where are Sweaty Betty clothes made?

We source manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world. Please see our fabric guide for more information on our fabrics. We take care to ensure that they not only comply with the Sweaty Betty brand guidelines, but also International laws regarding working conditions. All of our Sweaty Betty clothes are designed by our own London based design team.


What fabrics does Sweaty Betty use?

Sweaty Betty uses beautiful, performance enhancing fabrics. Our Buying team select these fabrics carefully not just to make sure you look and feel good, but because they have technical properties to enhance your workout or practice. 

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