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club frequently asked questions

General FAQ’s about the clubs

Who can attend your clubs?
Sweaty Betty clubs are free for all members. Simply sign up as a member in store.

How do I become a Sweaty Betty member?
Next time you are in a Sweaty Betty boutique ask one of the team to sign you up. It’s quick, easy and free.

Can I attend a club if I am not a member?
Sweaty Betty clubs are a privilege for our members. If you are not already a member you can still book a class and sign up on the day.

How do I book in for a club?
To book in for a club at any of our boutiques, please call the individual store the day before ensuring you have your membership card number to hand.

What time are the clubs?
Sweaty Betty clubs are held at a variety of times throughout the week. See your local boutique for individual club times here.

What skill level do I have to be to join?
We welcome all skill levels from beginner to expert, when you arrive just let the club coach know your level and experience.

Can I change into my kit once I arrive?
We have fitting rooms available in our boutiques for you to change in.

Is there a safe place to keep my valuables?
You are able to keep your valuables in our shops during our clubs. During outdoor clubs we lock our boutique so your valuables will be safe.

Does Sweaty Betty provide the necessary equipment for the class I am taking?
Mats are provided for all yoga and Pilates classes.

Who leads the club session? 
Sessions are led by Sweaty Betty Club Coaches or Ambassadors who are certified experts in their given fields. Whilst we believe they are great, they are not on the payroll and we do not take responsibility for them. If you are interested in booking an instructor for a personal session always take common sense precautions e.g. do not have your initial meeting at your house, make sure a friend is present etc. 


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