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Your Ultimate Daily Relaxation Plan

posted on Tuesday, 10th May 2011 | find under Fitness

Practice 2/3 of these techniques daily for stress relief and inner calm.

Breathing Exercises

Relaxation Breathing

Breathe in and out through the nose at all times apart from when doing heavy exercise. As you inhale, let the abdomen rise and as you exhale, allow it to lower. Aim not to move the chest at all and feel the breath come from right at the bottom of the lungs. Aim to count to 4 on each in breath and 4 on each out breath. Breathe this way for at least 5 minutes and check yourself at points in the day to ensure your breath is deep and calm. This will have short and long- term health benefits such as lower stress levels, stronger immune system, detoxification of the systems, higher energy levels and better sleep. 


Advanced Breathing Exercises

The Chin Lock- Breathe in through your nose then pause for a second or two and take the chin down towards the chest. Then bring the neck back up to centre as you breathe out through your nose. This stimulates the thyroid gland so it will increase your energy levels. 

The ‘Ha’ breath- breathe in through your nose as your raise your arms up above your head. As you breath out through your mouth bend forward and exaggerate the breath. This gets rid of any stale toxins and energises the body. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Go through each part of the body one by one, tensing and then relaxing each muscle. This helps with breath control and helps you distinguish between when muscles are tense and when they are relaxed. 



Simply start with some breathing exercises and then visualise a relaxing scene or a place where you feel calm and safe and allow yourself to use all your senses to enjoy every detail of it. This will slow down your heart rate, blood pressure and brain waves leaving you feeling calm and relaxed both short term and long term. 



Meditation is simply focusing on the here and the now and taking your attention to just one thing to concentrate the mind and allow it to have a mental rest from the stress of everyday life. Either just focus on your breathing or repeat a calming word or phrase or focus on a spot in front of you and let go of control of your gaze. Do this for 3 minutes or as long as you have got. 



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