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You should never want to be perfect. He who is perfect can never get any better!

posted on Tuesday, 25th May 2010 | find under Fitness

(Ashley M.L)

Well I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a perfect day, competition, training session- or perfect body. My idea of perfection would probably be different to others and vice versa. I have had a couple of really good competitions where I have thought, wow, that was awesome. Then on reflection- despite having the best competition of my career so far- there are always points to improve on. 

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the general outlook on winning and losing in our culture. Through previous experiences I have learnt that the smallest doubt can disrupt the whole game plan in training, competitions and eventually in every day life. Why then is it that in this country we shy away from saying- or talking about- the ultimate goal for what we are training so hard for.... to win! How often do you hear phrases such as "fingers crossed", "good luck", or "just do what you can do"??? I hear it a lot. I know for me these doubts that can be totally destructive and were also linked to my perception between arrogance and confidence. I used to think that by saying "I want to win this" out loud may seem arrogant or spark thoughts like "what if I don't win now I have said that, what will happen then- everyone might laugh at me and think I am rubbish!!" so I never said it out loud and stopped even thinking about it at one point! I know it seems ridiculous to read but I am sure I am not the only one to have thoughts like that. Now I think it is a brilliant thought to have! Backing down from thinking "I want to win" will most probably start a fear of failing- whether it is in a sport or at work- shying away from it will turn our thoughts into thinking "I musn't mess this up" or "don't fall over" etc and 9 times out of 10 we will do exactly that!

I started thinking about this whilst I was watching the football last night! I have never EVER heard a positive discussion after a football match!! Ok someone might pop up with a positive comment but it always turns into a debate about all the things that went wrong in the game. Do you think that sort of negative press is linked to previous England performances? Do you think that if every single player on the team went out on that pitch and played football with no baggage in their heads, no doubt or confusion between "I hope we win" and "I want to win", no fears about what might happen to them if they have a bad game and lose the match- they would win every time? More importantly I wonder how many players feel 100% supported and backed by their supporters? We should be cheering them on and boosting their confidence without throwing expectations of where we should finish or who we should beat! Like in anything, you don't choose to lose!!

So I just wanted to say don't be afraid of winning- or losing! Believe in what you want and keep that in the front of your mind when you are doing what you do.x       

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