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Yoga Pose of the Week (Week 3)

posted on Sunday, 27th September 2009 | find under Fitness

Half Lotus pose
This Pose is fantastic for taking some time out to relax and breathe. Simply sit cross legged and raise one foot on to your inner thigh and bring your hands in to a prayer position at chest height. Half lotus pose will build your flexibility and is especially beneficial for releasing tight hips and loosening joints. It is good to practice for a little while on each side. This pose is mostly used for meditation at the beginning of yoga class but can be used on it's own as well. Try this simple breathing meditation whilst in this pose:

Take a deep breath in through your nose and feel your abdomen rising. Then, breathe out through your nose and feel your abdomen lower. Keep your chest as still as possible. Continue practicing the breathing, starting to allow your exhalations to become a little longer each time. Spend about 2 or 3 minutes on this and enjoy the detoxing and centering benefits.

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