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Yoga Pose of the Week (Week 10)

posted on Sunday, 6th December 2009 | find under 

Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend
I love this pose, especially with this arm variation as well. It stretches the backs of the legs, the inner groin and brings oxygenated blood to the brain. It is amazing if you need a boost of energy....it's a natural alternative to a shot of espresso!

yolanda on Yoga Pose of the Week (Week 10)
By yolanda - 28th September 2010
Ok Danielle you have convinced me! Im not a yoga bunny like you are but im going to try this pose in the morning. Ill let you know how it goes (and if i manage to replace my morning espresso...!)
danna on Yoga Pose of the Week (Week 10)
By danna - 28th September 2010
Love this pose, it's great first thing in the morning!
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