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X Factor results and snoods

posted on Monday, 13th December 2010 | find under Tamara, Fashion
So it was all mixed emotions in our house last night.  Simon pleased that Matt had won, I was gutted Rebecca didnt get it and our girls were in tears at One Direction going out!  Surely One Direction are going to be huge anyway (based on talking to any girl aged 7-15)?  Am I allowed to say (being well past their target market) that I quite like their look of tones of grey, hoodies, snoods and drop crotch trousers?They will definitely be influential.  Our look for 2011 is influenced by the 30s in the main...but we are still clocking the harem pant influence and will always have lots of gorgeous hoodies...in varying shades of grey.  Plus snoods.  Definitely.
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