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Window into God Save the Queen

posted on Wednesday, 13th June 2012 | find under Nutrition

The God Save the Queen window was transformed from concept (first set of images) to completion (second set of images) by our amazing new Visual Merchandising Manager in just under three weeks (no sweat). The initial brief was to channel the patriotic spirit in an original way - cue red white and blue rose vinyl’s. The deconstructed Union Flag frames were our way of making product the focus of the window without detracting from our bold print.
The Matriarch
By LeeLee Haller - 15th June 2012
Outstanding! What an eye for history and color. Lovely! Bravo!
Absolutely Amazing!!!!
By Window Lover - 15th June 2012
WOW is right!!! The windows look fantastic and so much more alive. Great job and keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to see what you do next:)
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