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What Lies Beneath!

posted on Thursday, 18th November 2010 | find under 

WHILST sweat wicking yet stylish outerwear is the order of the day when it comes to working out, any sporty girl knows that it's what lies underneath that counts.

Sports Bra Sports Bra Sports Bra Sports Bra - I know that you know but I still see bouncing breasties running through London's parks and it makes me sad for those wannabie pert mammories. My top favourites (and I know this because they rarely make it back into the drawer from the airing cupboard) are:

Sweaty Betty's All Sport Bra (£27) for low impact training and classes like Pilates.  There is no uncomfortable clasp to roll on in a holistic class and you don't get all suffocated and choked in them when you try to take them off in a sweaty state.

Shock Absorber's Run Bra (£39) for high impact exercise like running. I have to confess that before this style came along I could not get on with Shock Absorber bras, they just didn't fit well on me.  But, this one is different.  It fits well, washes well, gives you a great shape and does what it should (keeps your boobies tamed).  Although I would recommend getting fitted by a lovely Betty since I've always been a different size in Shock Absorbers.

Appropriately Modest Pants - Now I'm trying to be delicate here.  I'm all for no VPL, even when it comes to exercise gear but not all exercise pants have the same amount of rear end coverage (and I speak from experience here given I am frequently at the front of a class with my booty to the mirror - and that's no small booty). May I suggest that you invest in a pair of modesty pants like the Sweaty Betty All Sport Pants (£12). Not only do they provide full bottom coverage but they give you a lovely shape to boot!

And with all that talk of underwear, here's a little reminder about looking after both your sweaty kit and your lady bits. Get that sweaty stuff off as soon as is humanly possible after your workout (you don't want those warm, germ friendly environments hanging around for too long on your precious parts) and ideally wash it in a sport wash like Halo (£5.79).  Halo Sports Wash even gets my hubby's kit smelling fresh (and he teaches very sweaty spinning classes)!

Karen ;-)

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