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VB in SB

posted on Tuesday, 8th December 2009 | find under 

We all love a bit of celeb spotting dont we?  so I was psyched to hear that David Beckham had been into our Harrods concession and bought his wife a whole load of our running kit.  Move over adi!  its nice to know that even though there are all the other top sports brands there (and they must get given so much kit as well), he chose to buy from us.



Katrina on VB in SB
By Katrina - 28th September 2010
This is great news - Sweaty Betty goes International - we need SB here in the States for sure....
yolanda on VB in SB
By yolanda - 28th September 2010
A little birdy told me he was both gorgeous as well as being polite to our girls. How exciting...Mrs B in our clothes! What excellent taste!
Lauren on VB in SB
By Lauren - 28th September 2010
Thats AWESOME! Cant wait to see Posh wearing our stuff yay >_<
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