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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 5/12 - Winter Sport Waistline Whittle-age!!

posted on Wednesday, 9th December 2009 | find under 
Hi Betties, Forget being stuck in the gym in the lead up to Christmas!! How about getting outside and getting your Winter Sport groove on to burn some calories!

1. We looooove ice-skating! Yes there is the danger of falling on your toosh several times, but if a hottie comes by to help you back up then it's a win win no?



2. Snow ball fights!!! Yes granted you need snow for this, let's pray for some. But that whole lift and throw business is just like doing a million squats, think of the butt tone!!



3. Snowboarding or skiing!! Hell it's just like one permanent squat! Forget it if you're not in the Alps, there are plenty of dry slopes around to get shimmying on...although I fear the word shimmy possibly shouldn't be used in reflection of my snowboarding talent...splat is possibly a better reference!!



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