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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 11/12 - Make a Wish

posted on Thursday, 17th December 2009 | find under 

Ahem, now Betties, I'm prettying up language by saying "make a wish" what that actually means in Betty speak is "set a goal!" You see, we're really in full holiday swing now, we've got so carried away that life just feels like one big party - woop!!!


Now obviously we're gonna have a real focus on this in January, but I just want you to have a little thinky thinky about one of your goals for 2010! Now I don't give a hoot if you're planning on moving jobs, landing yourself that hot guy in the mail room, or plan to fly to the moon!! I'm talking about Betty-style goals. You know, tight butt, can run for a bus without panting, has a fresh juice every morning etc. Those kind of, make a girl super cool goals. Cos guess what...when you're feeling great, all of the other goals get a whole lot easier to reach, it's super simple!!


So go on, before you go in full on "where are all my presents??" mode, write down at least one little goals along with a little plan to start on January 1st!!


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