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Top Foods Women Should Eat

posted on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 | find under 

THERE seems to have been a new food story in the news most days over the past few weeks.  Don't eat red meat, organic is no better, fish oils (again) ... etc etc.  With all food health news stories, I believe the most important thing to bear in mind is where the research has come from (who has funded the study).  But perhaps most importantly, if we are all armed with the facts about the food choices we make, we can be confident in our own dietary decisions and ride the food hype media storm.

So over the next few weeks I'm going to write about the best foods to include in your diet and why. 

This isn't a 'diet' blog. I'm not a fan of that word. One of the biggest problems yo-yo dieters have is that depriving your body of nutrients and calories on a regular basis totally wrecks your metabolism.  This is all about nutrient rich foods, so foods that are worth the calories and the effort.

I'm also going to delve into the world of foods to improve digestion. Get that sorted and the rest follows.

So watch this space for food news and a few cheeky recipes to boot.

Love New Suggestions
By Tierney - 4th March 2011
Love to hear what suggestions on new foods that other healthy eaters have tried that works for them..
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