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Top 10 Marathon Tips To Get You Across The Line

posted on Thursday, 4th October 2012 | find under Fitness
Here are our Top 10 Marathon Tips to help you stay calm and collected as you across the finish line.

1. Reach for the Stars
Set yourself a goal and reach for the stars, but remember, a marathon is about more than just a time.

2. Food Glorious Food
Eat lots of carbs a few days pre-race to maximise your glycogen stores which release the fuel you need during the race. And don’t forget to add some lean protein to increase muscle strength and promote recovery. 

3. Grab your Water Bottle
It takes your body 48 hours to fully fill its H2O stores. So start drinking the proverbial 8 cups of water per day for the entire week before the marathon.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
If you have a few weeks up your sleeve before the big day, it’s the perfect time to rehearse. Complete a few training runs at the same time that the marathon will start, review and practice your hydration and nutrition requirements, and make any necessary changes to your race day strategy.

5. Each Step is Precious
To be in peak shape for your marathon race day stay OFF your feet the day before the race – limit all walking (make someone else do it!).

6. 40 winks
Quality sleep is essential for your recovery and race day performance. So start tucking in early at least 1 week prior to race day. 

7. Limber Up
Stretch, stretch and stretch again. Stretching aids muscle recovery, decreases muscle soreness, and reduces your chances of becoming injured! If you find stretching a chore – it might be a good time to try Yoga.

8. Spa Time
With the physical and mental rigours of your training schedule you deserve some spa time. A 60 – 90 minute massage will help relieve the stress of training and tired sore muscles.

9. Be Happy
Staying positive is essential to your race day performance. No matter what happens on the day, whatever obstacles are thrown your way; stay positive. 

10. Fun Times Ahead
When race day arrives don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy the buzz of the other runners, the spectators and their silly antics. Soak up the atmosphere and make friends with your fellow runners. You will be celebrating at the finish line before you know it!

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
By DH - 19th December 2012
hello sweatybetty, I cannot run continously for more than 5mins.My heart feels like it is about to jump out of me and my lungs about to burst.I joined my old friends recently at a 10Km charity run. I ran 1km and walked 9km...All of my friends laughed at me when I eventually finished the race with 1h & 15mins. Can you teach me how to run continuously and properly?
One More Thing...
By Fiona Walker - 18th April 2012
I did the London marathon last year and where I lost about 20mins of time was at the beginning of the race. If you are going for a time in the marathon like I was last year, here is my biggest tip which I wish someone had told me! If you can, try to jump ahead a few starting pens as some people tend to over estimate their time and are a lot slower thn the pen they've entered. I was aiming for 4hrs but people in my pen were running 5.5hrs and i struggled to hit my target min miles for the first 5 miles due to side stepping other runners, resulting in me missing out on my goal by 10 seconds ...still haven't quite got over it!! However, I'm still proud of completing it and raising money for my charity. Good luck to all you 2012 runners....I hear rain is on the horizon, but that is better than sun like last year, believe me!
Super Tips
By kirsty - 22nd March 2012
Great thank you, positive and helpful. i am running in the London marathon and am really scared. Your short, concise and peppy tips were/are useful.
Great Guide! Thanks X
By Tess - 31st March 2011
great guide! Thanks xx
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