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posted on Monday, 2nd August 2010 | find under 

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend & support the Tim Don Triathlon Charity Event on behalf of Alzheimer's Society and the Credit Suisse Enduro Challenge squad.

As you may or may not know, Tim Don is one of Great Britain's most successful triathletes. Just have a look at his results page (http://www.timdon.com/results.html), and you will quickly gauge the dedication and successes he has experienced over his 12 year career, yes this is his full time job, what dedication.

What a delight to sit through the ups and downs of being a full time athlete in a sport that really is making front headlines, everyone cheered at the TV coverage of the Dextro World Championships in Hyde Park, and did you know this will be the Olympic site for 2012!

I am only a novice weekender triathlete but my enthusiasm for this sport is really growing, so let me share a few facts from the evening that I found very interesting:

What does Tim eat/drink on the day of an Olympic Distance Triathlon:

Wake up: shot of espresso......I like his style already!

Breakfast: A healthy portion of rolled oats. Warm up ride & an energy drink after which, on go the compression tights (check out our new compression tights for the AW10 season: http://www.sweatybetty.com/search/3_4_compression_tight.asp) and up go the legs against the wall.

T- 4hrs: Electrolyte drink

T-2.5 hours: more oats

T-90 minutes: Sodium drink to retain hydration (Tim does not drink any water in the run)

T-30 minutes: A drink that contains the caffeine of 2 red bulls, wowzas!

Triathlon Jargon that I learnt (I am sure there is a bigger A-Z!) :

*Blowout: A lactic acid overdose causing a major slowdown, I’d like to say this is the equivalent of a Runner ‘Hitting the Wall’

*Going long: Moving into longer distance events, whether it be Olympic disctance, Marathans or Gigathlons.....

What is a Gigathlon I here you say.....well imaging covering 600km in 2 days covering the disciplines of inline skating, trail running, mountain biking, swimming and road biking....the Swiss are nuts about this sport and a bit nuts to do it, but

How inspiring to push yourself to that disctance!

*Honest session: Whether it be a training session or an event, if you had an honest swim, bike or run, you tried your best and gave it your all!

Not only was this an excellent opportunity to learn more about Tim, but we also learnt all about the UK Alzheimers Society. Can you believe there are over 750,000 people living with dementia in the UK, this really is the most fantastic organisation which is in dire need of support to continue the incredible work they are doing to support those affected and to continue their research to find a cure. Please support them by donating on their just giving website, thank-you: http://www.justgiving.com/Charity/Donate.aspx?cid=2201

London Triathlon in 4 days times, good luck to those Betties competing, we wish you fast transitions, sunny weather and no flat tyres!


Karen Wilson, Workout Buyer

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