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The Life of a Sweaty Betty Ambassador: Kim Ingleby

posted on Wednesday, 5th March 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition
Bristol Ambassador Kim Ingleby is an inspiration. Not only is she the founder of Energised Performance, Kim is also one of the UK's leading Mind Body Experts, a regular trainer of celebrities and Team GB, and was awarded the Life Fitness Global Trainer award this year. She competes in triathlons, is a freelance fitness writer and motivational speaker, was featured in Grazia magazine as their Hot Trainer and has raised over £34,000 for charity.

We asked Kim to share a few days in her life, to give us an insight into the world of this inspirational athlete.

Day 1

Waking at 6:30am, I head out for a speed interval run along the docks wearing my 10K Run Tights and Chill Resistor top. I love getting up early with the sun and heading out for a crisp morning run – it’s the perfect start to my day. After heading home and enjoying a quick stretching session with my foam roller, I fuel my body with a breakfast of gluten-free oats with maca, goji berries, almonds and coconut, followed by some tuna. I then spend an hour writing a couple of features for Ultrafit and Runner’s World Advice, before changing into my Urdhva Leggings and Chaturanga Vest. Ready to go, I head to the Triathlon Plus Show, where I have a quick snack of tuna and a banana before performing my presentation entitled ‘Gain The Edge: The Proven 7 Step Method For Success & Confidence’. After the event, I attend meetings discussing upcoming events over a lunch of couscous with chicken, avocado, spinach, tomato and feta. I head back to the hotel and do 20 minutes of strength work using resistance bands, foam roller, core and stretch, followed by a dinner of salmon and bulgarwheat with spinach, broccoli and chilli.

I am flying to Qatar this evening to combine work (personal training clients) with leisure (visiting an old friend), so will continue my diary once I am back in London.

Day 2

I begin my day by performing the five Tibetan moves (an age-old series of five yoga-style exercises designed for rejuvenation), followed by a stretch session with my foam roller. I head to my children’s school wearing my Calypso Pants and Start Line Top and cheer them on at Sport’s Day, then take myself off for a long walk along the beach. When not playing outside with the kids, my afternoon is taken up with writing exercise programmes and coaching clients via Skype using my Inside Out Body Confidence programme. At 4:30pm, I hold an ‘Expert Q&A’ session focusing on health, fitness, body image and self-confidence. It becomes an interesting discussion on the perception of what is ‘normal’ and what is required to change your shape. I wind down from this session with some HIIT training and free weight exercises, wearing my Stamina Bra for support.

Day 3

Once again, I begin my day early (6am) and do the five Tibetan moves, before enjoying my breakfast: buckwheat and 3 boiled eggs with walnuts, maca, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and sunflower seeds. I leave home at 7am to present my first Live Show with the Tabata Official Master Team. I am feeling nervous but a dress rehearsal and quick snack of turkey and fruit calms my nerves before the live demo and show. It includes 20 minutes of Tabata training, a demo and Q&A session. Afterwards, I join the team for lunch (Bolognese with salad) and a stretch session with my foam roller. My second demo and Tabata session is held at 3pm, and goes just as well as the first. I can’t hang around long afterwards as I am due at the Triathlon Show Awards Dinner this evening in London. I have a snack of turkey, green beans and kale chips on the journey to give me some energy for the evening ahead. The ceremony was fantastic, and I enjoy my dinner of smoked salmon, chicken and vegetables, but am well and truly ready for sleep by the time I get home!

Day 4

Beginning my day with the five Tibetan moves and a strength session, I send a quick message to all my clients who are running today’s half-marathons in Bath, Reading and Silverstone. I’m so proud of them all for undertaking the challenge. After breakfast (gluten-free oats with blueberries and cashew nuts, plus a tin of tuna and coconut water), I change into my Compression Tights and matching Step Up Training Vest, and head to the Triathlon Show. I run the Sauncony 10K around the racecourse, and achieve a good time despite my encephalitis condition. Post-run, I refuel with a protein shake and raw cereal bar, and ease my muscles with a stretch and roll session. Meetings are next on the agenda, where we discuss future features and clients, and share lunch of chicken and vegetables, before heading home for another stretch session. My evening is filled with relaxation and a delicious dinner of salmon, spinach, Parma ham, asparagus and sweet potato.

Day 5

Five Tibetan moves are my wake-up call again today, followed by a stretch and roll session. I drink a glass of warm water with lemon, then cycle to the gym where I engage in leg strength exercises, a plyometric and core session, and my much-loved stretch and roll. After a breakfast of buckwheat with Rawlicious protein, 2 boiled eggs and almonds, I am then booked for 3 hours of personal training. I take my clients through a mix of running and triathlon coaching, plus TRX, core work and a Body Confidence session. My last client leaves at 1pm, and I take myself for a walk into town before enjoying my lunch of turkey, kale, green beans, sweet potato and cottage cheese. Back in the office, I write a fitness feature for a magazine before cycling back home. I lead a strength training session that evening with a small group, using kettlebells and alpha bags. I wear the Zero Gravity TightsUpbeat Bra and Elevate Tee for the class, and fuel up with a snack afterwards. This evening, I attend a VIP Ambassador Evening at Sweaty Betty Bristol, where I lead a brilliant group of ladies through high intensity circuits and a Body Confidence & Coaching workshop (my next free SB event is on 11th March in Wimbledon) I join the Sweaty Betty team for dinner at Wagamama where I tuck into a chicken salad, then head home to relax.
Follow @kimingleby on Twitter for Kim’s daily advice, inspiration and top tips or visit her blogs - www.energisedperformance.com and www.kimingleby.co.uk
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