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The finest fabrics for your yoga practice

posted on Thursday, 2nd April 2015 | find under 

Perhaps more than any other workout, fabric can have substantial impact on your yoga practice. Sweaty Betty's design and buying team are obsessed with finding the most premium fabrics that combine elite performance, luxury feel and a beautiful aesthetic. So we caught up with Charlotte, yoga teacher and head of buying for Sweaty Betty's yoga ranges, to find out how fabrics pass the most exacting of checklists and which of this season's products best exemplify these qualities.

Charlotte Yoga Sweaty Betty

For opaque coverage

It is a point of pride for Sweaty Betty that every single pair of our yoga leggings are fully opaque. Whether you opt for a brushed fabric like that of the Chandrasanas and Halasanas or a more lightweight all-natural cotton pair like the Tolasana Yoga Leggings, you'll have peace of mind that your dignity is intact through every asana and downward dog.  

Sweaty Betty opaque leggings

For versatile styling

Sweaty Betty has achieved the perfect balance of lightweight fabric and complete opacity using an interlock knit design. This means two different threads are woven together, which also allows us to incorporate bold prints and reversible styles. This season’s reversible leggings include the Suptas, Urdhvas and Salabasanas.

Sweaty Betty reversible leggings

For a featherlight feel

When you want a weightless practice, a lightweight top is essential. Sweaty Betty’s 100% cotton pieces like the Breathe Yoga Vest and linen blend favourites like the Drishti and Om Yoga Vests promote a liberating practice and effortless vinyasas. For a more structured shape, the Utthita Yoga Cami with its bamboo fabric is indulgently soft on skin as well as being lightweight for a distraction-free flow. For a Yoga Retreat vibe, the linen blend Holistic All In One also makes for an easy-wear cover-up.

Sweaty Betty lightweight yoga tops


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