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Day 1: The Benchmarking Video: Track Your Progress

posted on Thursday, 28th August 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness
The 30 Day Sweat Challenge is all about taking your health, fitness and wellbeing to the next level. In order to track this, Hiitgirl founder Susan Dyson has devised a benchmarking tracker; a 3-minute video that challenges you to do three different exercises – counting how many you can do in one minute. At the end of the 30 days, you will do the same again, and see how much you have improved. Don't forget to make a note of your results on your 30 Day Sweat Challenge calendar so you can see how you progress throughout the month.

Sweaty Betty sat down with Susan to find out all on why these exercises are so effective and good for tracking progress, and what kind of improvements you can expect to see after 30 days.

Hiitgirl Founder Susan Dyson

Why did you choose to track the progress of The 30 Day Sweat Challenge via burpees, press-ups and pendulisers?
“Hiitgirl is all about being the best version of you, and our benchmarks are designed to reflect that by keeping track of all-round fitness rather than one specific area,” explains Susan. “Burpees are great for checking cardio improvements, press-ups take care of upper body strength and pendulisers find out if you can keep it all together with balance, core strength and coordination. From dancers and yogis to runners and gym bunnies, these moves will challenge you and keep you in touch with your progress.”

What kind of improvement can the average person expect to find after 30 days?
“It depends on your starting point. Those who are already very fit will see improvements, but not to the same extent as those who are new to exercise. For burpees and press-ups, adding 10 reps onto your score is a good target. For pendulisers, aim towards being able to complete a full minute without pausing.”

A Hiitgirl class led by Susan gets underway

What benefits do these 3 exercises have on toning the body?
Burpees: “Created in the 1930s by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, this move is loved and loathed in equal measure,” says Susan. “The reason it’s stuck around in fitness all this time is simple - it is one of the best all-round tests of fitness; quick, effective and simple but very tough as so many muscles are challenged at the same time. Burpees (done properly) will improve coordination, core strength and cardio endurance. Expect to get very breathless, very quickly!”

Press-ups (or push-ups): “Upper body strength is just as important for women as men (and no they will not build huge muscles!). Press-ups are great for firming up the chest, arms and shoulders, along with your core, as you work to maintain a straight body line. If you can’t do a full press-up, start from your knees and build up slowly and safely.”
Pendulisers: “This is the exercise equivalent of rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time!” Susan explains. “It’s so easy to lose touch with your body, and pendulisers are the perfect way to get muscles working in sync again. This move measures ‘proprioception’, which is how muscles and nerves work together to send the right messages to the brain. Our barefoot training really helps to improve your body sense and pendulisers are the perfect test of agility and coordination. Remember it’s perfectly normal to be hopeless to start with, but keep at it and your muscles and nerves will soon ‘wake up’.”

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Better Late Than Never!
By Anonymous - 9th September 2014
Finally started! 17 press ups, 23 burpees, 17 pendulisers. Think I might try day 2 now to try to catch up!
Day 1
By Anonymous - 9th September 2014
18 18 3!!!!!
Starting Out
By Sandra Hendricks - 2nd September 2014
got my bench mark done...now on to the videos
30 Day Challenge
By Anonymous - 2nd September 2014
Ready to get started!
Day One
By Anne Lise - 2nd September 2014
Can't do pushups without having knees on the ground!
60 Year Challenge
By Lizzie - 1st September 2014
Good Starting Point.
By Joanna - 1st September 2014
I like these exercised to track progress! I didn't do as well as I hoped but I am encouraged!
Day 1
By Teesy - 1st September 2014
17 burped 12 press ups 9 pendulisers
Day 2
By Anonymous - 1st September 2014
Loved Barry's Boot Camp, xoxo
By Anonymous - 31st August 2014
By Isabella - 31st August 2014
So exited about this challenge just what i need at the start of september!!!! Just wanted to ask what leggings the trainer is wearing!!!! out of you collection.
Benchmark Challenge
By LjaneW - 31st August 2014
Great idea. So disappointed to see incorrect technique being used for push ups - elbows out is not how to do proper push ups. See Kelly Starretts book Becoming a Supple Leopard for the correct technique.
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