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thats why its called personal training

posted on Tuesday, 1st December 2009 | find under 

A few people have written to me this week through this blog asking for sports and nutrition advice. This is a huge benefit of having a blog and i am more than happy to help. What worries me slightly is that whilst i know what the best training diets are and which rules apply when, i am the first to break them. I run or train early in the morning- normally by 6am. I have to run and train on empty. What i mean is that i cant have any food at all in my stomach and in fact i tend to perform slightly better when a little hungry. This means that i stop eating at 6pm the night before. This is wrong...for most people, yet trial and error have shown me that for me it is right in every way. I also train longer and harder if the balance in my diet is protein rather than carb heavy - also not advisable if you play by the rules. And yet again it works for me. I have (thankfully) adapted my training diet over the years. In January i was diagnosed with a lactose and soya allergy following a immune virus. This forced me to take care and look at my diet even closer. What works for one may not work for another and yet i believe that if you are given all the right information you can experiment with your training and diet until you find your perfect match. It is all about having the right tools to make the correct choices. My non-diet related kooky training savior is that i always aways shower in freezing water first straight after a big session and so far ive never had badly strained or aching muscles....just some food for thought

kate on thats why its called personal training
By kate - 28th September 2010
Thank you for your thoughts on nutrition etc. You're right - I suppose it's best starting with the rule book stuff and then adapting to one's needs.
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