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Tamara's Holiday Training Tips

posted on Tuesday, 18th June 2013 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
1. Swap the suit for a wetsuit
Cornwall is one of our favourite places to go on holiday. I used to worry about the weather and what we would do if it rained the whole time, but now that the kids are older we just go surfing. Having grown up in hot countries, I only discovered the necessity of wetsuits in my adult life, and they are brilliant. Cold rainy weather? Who cares. Jump in the sea in your wetsuit. Problem solved.
I may not be the best at surfing, but I love it. It's a tough upper body workout, especially in the Cornish waves, and catching a wave and standing up is exhilarating. The best part is that the whole family loves it too. 

2. Take the dog on a run
We often don’t have enough time for me to go for a run and walk the dog later, so I try to combine the two. She's only got little legs, but is happy enough to run 5k as long as I give her treats along the way.
3. Barefoot is best
I always take a pair of trainers whenever I go on holiday. Barefoot trainers are super lightweight without any heavy cushioning, so they pack away into a suitcase. Running is exercise you can take anywhere, and it’s a perfect way to discover a destination. My favourite way is running barefoot along a beach – it feels so nice.
4. Take the kids to beach bootcamp
Sometimes if I can’t leave the kids to exercise on my own, we'll go and do beach bootcamp together. We'll draw "upper body" and "lower body" areas in the sand and write corresponding exercises in each. Then we'll do sprints in between. Surprisingly, they find this good fun (apart from the squat thrusts!).

5. Jivamukti Yoga Podcast
When on my own, I always struggle to remember a yoga routine despite the fact that I've been practising yoga for 13 years. I sometimes do Jivamukti Yoga in Kensal Rise and I recently discovered some great Jivamukti podcasts. It’s a genius solution: they are free to download and play straight from my phone, so I can do my practice outside without worrying about watching it onscreen. There are multiple podcasts so you don’t get bored of the same routine.
6. To surf or to SUP?
If there aren't any waves, SUP – or Stand-up Paddleboarding – is the most fun you can have on a board. It's a good workout for arms and for the core, as it involves balancing on a wobbly board and paddling. I love going with a friend because it’s a workout and a chat at the same time.

7. Log a long swim with the right equipment.
When going anywhere where there is sea or a lake, I take my goggles and work in a long swim rather than just a cooldown paddle. I have tried and tested many goggles in my time and the best are the Aquasphere Vista Goggles. They give you peripheral vision and fit brilliantly.

Swimming in the sea is ideal because you are so buoyant in the salty water – it beats a chlorinated pool any day.  On our photo shoots, Tim the digital assistant and I try to always do a long swim – the nicest was Formentera in Ibiza. The most challenging? Definitely Loch Fyne in Scotland.
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