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Tamara's 2017 New Year's Resolutions

posted on Friday, 30th December 2016 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition, Travel
The arrival of a New Year is the time to reflect on the year just gone and set challenges for the months to come. In true Sweaty Betty style, Founder and Creative Director Tamara is looking ahead to 2017 and what's to come. Read on to find out what Tamara has planned this year, and please leave your own resolutions in the comments below.

tamaras new years resolutions

1. Eat more plants

Both my daughters have recently decided to turn vegetarian and after watching the documentary Cowspiracy, I’m going to try and adopt a flexitarian attitude to meat. I’m not short of inspiration, when I was in Morocco the Ottolenghi style dishes were so delicious that I didn’t miss meat all, so I plan to try and recreate these with produce from my husband’s vegetable garden.

2. The dream holiday

Next year I want our family holiday to combine three of my favourite things travel, yoga and surfing. My current dream destination is the soon-to-open San Cristobal Hotel in Baja California (one of my ultimate destinations), I've been checking the website regularly to find a launch date. I want to spend time running along the beach, before an hour of yoga then surfing with my kids. I may struggle to keep up with them at times but I’ll keep trying.

3. Take my supplements

I recently met Henrietta and Charlie from Wild Nutrition and they've made me determined to take my supplements. With soil up to 80% less nutrient-rich than it was 60 years ago, 2017 is the year I will be taking them daily. They also offer a teen and kids range, which I’ll be getting my three to take, particularly as my ten-year old currently refuses to eat vegetables.

sweaty betty modelfit
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4. Mix up my workouts

I train five times a week and sometimes I can be a creature of habit, so in 2017 I plan to shake up my workout routine and try new classes. This January, we’re teaming up with the New York studio modelFIT for two exclusive free workouts formed of slow, small movements designed to sculpt. I loved the class in New York, so my daughters and I are going to add this to our weekly routine. When I am going to the studio, I also want to work out in an environment with great instructors and beautiful surroundings. I’ve recently started going to Heartcore and I love going to a studio where they pay such attention to detail (my tip: try Robbie’s Pilates).

5. No dry January

Can I just say, dry January is not a thing in my house. I do not believe in it. However, I am going to try to swap my sugary cocktails for a healthier alternative. I like a vodka, soda and lime but I am planning on trying a few new recipes too, possibly with added kale.

sweaty betty goatsModel Charlotte wears the Earthshine Sweat

6. Talking point pieces

2017 is the year to inject humour into my look. We have a goat, cactus and Hamsa prints in the new collection, so this won’t be a challenge.

7. Fit is it

When I was in Rio in 2015, I was taken with how totally at ease the Brazilians are with their bodies. So inspired by the confident Cariocas (Rio locals), I will be embracing my body for how strong and capable it is. Plus, if I ever need an extra confidence boost I will rely on our sculpting Zero Gravity leggings.

8. Spend time with girlfriends

Work, husband, kids - life happens and can get in the way of seeing some of the most important people in my life, my girlfriends. So this year, I am determined to make time for these women who make me feel good and have fun building a community around working out and wine. 

Find out more about Tamara here and share your own New Year's resolutions below. 
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