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Tamara's 2016 New Year's Resolutions

posted on Wednesday, 30th December 2015 | find under Tamara, Travel
The arrival of a New Year is the time to reflect on the year just gone and set challenges for the months to come. In true Sweaty Betty style, Founder and Creative Director Tamara is looking ahead to 2016 and the achievements to come. Read on to find out what Tamara has planned this year, and please leave your own resolutions in the comments below.

Tamara's new years resolutions 2016

1. Eat mindfully

I am not one for fad diets, but in 2016 I aim to be more mindful of what I eat. After watching documentaries including Cowspiracy, I am going to cut down on red meat due to the environmental impact it has. Plus, to reduce my carbon footprint, I plan to eat more locally, opting for more plant-based recipes using the vegetables my husband lovingly grows in our garden. 

After spending winter constantly cold, a tip from nutrition blogger Madeleine Shaw has encouraged me to cut down on imported tropical fruits. Apparently, eating too many mangoes and pineapple in the winter can trick my body into thinking its summer, so I’ll be sticking to more seasonal options. 

2. Be a Brazilian Betty

When shooting our SS16 campaign in Rio, I was taken with how totally at ease the Brazilians are with their bodies. Inspired by the confident Cariocas (Rio locals), I will be embracing my body for how strong and capable it is. Plus, if I ever need an extra confidence boost I will rely on our sculpting Zero Gravity leggings.

3. Embrace positivity
2016 is the year to be positive and surround myself with optimistic people. I’m going to embrace the US attitude, as I love how friendly the community is there people will literally stop you in the street to comment on what you are wearing. I always enjoy going to work because we have a great, energetic team who want to make things happen, so more of this please.

tamara's 2016 new years resolutions sports luxe

4. Style it the Sports Luxe way

The new Sports Luxe collection is our most fashion-forward to date and I plan to fully embrace the new athleisure look. Smart, sporty and definitely new - I will be layering fine knit sweatshirts over collared tops with my current favourite, the wide-leg Sono Luxe Trousers. Paired with box fresh white Acne trainers, a luxe wool baseball cap and the oversized Deluxe Studio Holdall, this is the ultimate in easy wear.

5. Go the distance

I go to West Sussex to relax at weekends, so I’d love to complete my first Olympic distance triathlon in this beautiful part of the world. I have only done sprint distances before so I want to push myself and sign up for the Arundel Triathlon. 

6. The A-list fitness retreat

I’d love to attend one of Olivia Cooney’s Pop-Up Fitness retreats in Ibiza, for the perfect combination of nutrition, exercise and yoga.

tamaras new years resolutions megaformer

7. Strengthen, lengthen and tone

Pilates meets Barry’s Bootcamp - I plan to do more and more Megaformer classes this year. I discovered this intense workout on trips to SLT in NYC and Studio MDR in LA and absolutely love it. With Studio Lagree having just opened in London, I can’t wait for it to take over in the UK. In the meantime, I will keep going to my beloved weekly Barrecore sessions to strengthen and tone. 

8. Surf as a family

Surfing in either Cornwall or California is the perfect way for our family to have fun together. My husband and kids are all better than me so this will be a good challenge. Plus, with Sweaty Betty’s first ever wetsuit launching this year, I can’t wait to wear it! 
By Alison Exall-Whitlock - 23rd February 2016
I met Tamara and her lovely family on the slopes and in the Apres at St. Anton last week. she was so lovely and friendly. I love Sweaty Betty outfits and I wear them everyday teaching dance and fitness - my wardrobe is crammed with various items. After reading the above she is is one truly inspirational lady and I feel honoured to have partied alongside her in Basecamp - wish I could have chatted with her longer. What a great success story of someone who is passionate about life and following her dream. Please pass this message on to Tamara. Alison Exall-Whitlock
By Helen Bloomfield - 2nd January 2016
My 2016 resolution is to train for and complete my first Marathon in London.
Embrace The Beautiful Countryside
By Sarah Stacey - 1st January 2016
I plan to kickstart the year by getting out in the fresh air, instead of being stuck inside the gym my running daps will be put to good use my spaniel cariad is a great jogging & walking buddy.
By Joan - 1st January 2016
Make 2016 the best year ever!
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