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Tamara Hill-Norton: What's in my travel bag

posted on Friday, 3rd June 2016 | find under Tamara, Travel
As we face another year of holiday packing dilemmas, there is always that moment when you’re left staring at an empty suitcase. I travel a lot for work and pleasure, so if the night before you take off on that long-awaited vacation you’re standing there debating whether to pack your entire bathroom cabinet then here is my edited list of essentials you need on and off the plane.  

tamara whats in my travel bag
Tamara runs along the beach in Rio (left), Her packing essentials including the Origins Post Workout Paradise range and the Shallow Water Leggings (right)

The bag

Big enough to fit a laptop, a change of clothes and multiple essentials – introducing my most well-travelled companion the Luxe Gym Bag.


On the Plane

If it’s a long haul trip then I always bring an in-flight spray to stop my skin drying out. My go-to is This Works’ In Transit Spray as it smells lovely and hydrates instantly. On top of this I love StriVectin’s face creams, they are quite intense so balance out the air on the plane.

Sleep is my next priority, so alongside an eye mask (my absolute essential), I usually pack a miniature of Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Travel Mist to help me zone out.

On Holiday

Wherever I am in the world I try to stay active by trying new studios, running along the beach or surfing. This means that a good SPF is a priority, I never go out without Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser with SPF 20+.

After working out I like to spoil myself by using Origins Post Workout Paradise range. These products have been designed for active women to counteract the effects of sweat and fatigue, so using it is a real treat. I like to start with the mineral-infused Body Wash, before exfoliating with the Lava Scrub (which heats up on the skin to relax the muscles) and finally the cooling Moisturiser.


I am not the biggest fan of plane food, so always keep my bag stocked up with snacks. I generally try to be healthy on a flight so usually take a mixture of unsalted nuts, Nakd Bars, boiled eggs and apples. That being said, I can never resist Lindt sea salt and caramel dark chocolate, so there’s a high chance you’ll find that packed.

I always also keep a bottle of water to hand, I was told by a nutritionist friend to try and drink at least ½ a litre an hour to keep myself hydrated.

What to wear on the plane

Travelling all the time means I have this nailed. Start with comfortable underwear, I always wear the Brahma Padded Yoga Bra as it is so soft on skin and pack a pair of soft comfortable socks. My go-to flight outfit is the Rhythm Merino Pants with the soft Warm Up Over Tee and the cashmere-blend Assemble Jumper for when it gets cold on the plane. These pants are honestly the best travelling companion ever, they are temperature-regulating and as comfortable as pyjamas.

Off the plane

If you have the room it is always worth packing a change of clothes for when you land, particularly if like me you often head straight to meetings. The Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit is an easy choice, as it is so lightweight that it takes up no room and looks great.  


In case I get creative on a flight I always pack a notebook and pen. I love leather bound pads and have just bought a marble journal that I can’t wait to use. Though I do like to get some work done, the best part of the flight is putting my headphones on and catching up on films or reading Vogue or Elle Decor underneath my cashmere travel blanket. 

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Travel In Comfort
By Jennifer Essad - 14th June 2016
there's is nothing more relaxing to me when I travel to have necessary things with me for comfort, I like your travel style too
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