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T is for Timed

posted on Monday, 25th January 2010 | find under 

SO it's Monday.  Did you all have a great weekend? Have you started getting those end steps in mind and writing them down?

Have you begun to notice how powerful it is to get it down on paper? Visualising it makes it so real.

Today it's all about timing.  And if you've ever sat down with a trainer or a magazine and set out your fitness goals, then you'll probably have done this before. But - as you've probably guessed - this is a little different.

Make the time of your goal a future date and when you write your goal imagine it is that date.

For example: "It is now 31st July 2010 and I am ........ "

It's much more powerful than, "At the end of July I want to be ..... "

We'll cover more of the reasons why it's more powerful to write like this when we talk about A is for As if now, on Wednesday.

So I have a little task for you today.  Choose one of your goals (or all if you can) and set a date for it than you can really stick to.  Having a date in mind means you have to take action towards it now and will help you to prioritise what to spend your time and energy on each day. 

If you want to earn an extra £500 in March, you're going to have to take action NOW.  And if you want be at the finish line of the London Triathlon in August, get thee into training - FAST! And if you decide you'll think about it another time because you can't decide, then that's ok too, so long as you are happy with putting your dreams on hold whilst you tackle those more pressing matters. Wink

Ladies - I want great things for us all this year.  Be good, be proactive and have a fantastic week.


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