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Sweaty Betty x CoppaFeel!

posted on Saturday, 30th September 2017 | find under Fitness
With October marking the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we have teamed up with CoppaFeel! to eradicate late diagnosis of breast cancer by educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to get you checking your boobs. £1 from every Sweaty Betty sports bra purchased this month will be donated to CoppaFeel!, a charity on a mission to raise awareness among young people. 

sweaty betty coppafeel
Model wears the Ultimate Bra and Zero Gravity Leggings

Meet Kris

What usually happens at 23? Probably drinking, travelling and carefree living. Unfortunately not for Kris Hallenga, who after finding a lump in her breast, was diagnosed months later with stage four breast cancer (there is no stage five). This lead to five months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, followed by more radiotherapy, as she bid farewell to her hair, boobs and normal twentysomething life.

After becoming stable, Kris turned her shock and anger into a mission to encourage her friends, her generation and young people everywhere to get to know their breasts. Teaming up with her twin sister, Maren, a month after her diagnosis CoppaFeel! was born, to share Kris’ story and prevent others from suffering the same fate.
What is CoppaFeel!'s mission?

With a purpose to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer, CoppaFeel! work with young people by educating them on the importance of getting to know theirboobs. With over 2000 cases diagnosed at stage four each year CoppaFeel! are on a mission to find cancer earlier by highlighting the symptoms and signs of the disease (a lump isn’t always the first sign).
What do CoppaFeel! do?

Awareness is at the core of CoppaFeel! as they travel around the country educating young people. From a free text reminder service to encourage you to check your boobs or pecs, to the Boobettes - a group of young women who have first hand experience of breast cancer who use their stories to educate, they’re on a serious mission. This isn’t a charity who does things by half, from flash mobs on the tube to Festifeel, a day of music, DJs and comedy curated by Fearne Cotton, CoppaFeel! are on a proactive journey to convert everyone to cop-a-feel.
Sweaty Betty will be donating £1 of every bra sold to CoppaFeel! during October 2017. Discover our full range of sports bras and get ready to #stopthedrop and find the perfect bra here.
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