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Sweaty Betty inspiration: The Ballerina Project

posted on Thursday, 16th October 2014 | find under Tamara
French freerunning founder Sebastien Foucan describes Parkour-style training as a fusion of exercise and art. The beauty of this metropolitan art form was one of the primary inspirations behind the Autumn Winter 14 collection, with Sweaty Betty’s Creative Director Tamara instructing the design team to seek out elements of beauty in an urban environment. So when #TeamSB first discovered the Ballerina Project on Instagram, it was a moment of revelation. 

Ballerina Project

Dane Shitagi, the photographer behind this Instagram phenomenon (which you can see for yourself @ballerinaproject_, uses his links with world-class ballerinas to photograph them against unexpected backdrops. By taking the ballerina off her traditional stage – and, often, out of her traditional clothing – he gets an exclusive insight into her individual “heart and emotions”. In many snapshots the dancer is captured in gritty subway stations, in iconic city settings and against graffiti-strewn walls in the likes of The Bowery in NYC. 

Perhaps for the first time in history, Shitagi has made ballet accessible to everyone, and drawn exciting parallels between such distinct art forms as classical dance and contemporary parkour. Feeling inspired, #TeamSB chose London’s Southbank to shoot much of the AW14 collection, offsetting this season’s statement pieces like the Off Beat Dance Leggings and Parkour Sweat Hoody with the bold and busy artwork spray-painted on the concrete walls of the undercroft. 

London Southbank Parkour Hoody

Like Shitagi, Tamara continues to push the boundaries of both fashion and fitness, and to encourage wellbeing enthusiasts around the world to think differently about their workout – and what they wear while doing it. Shitagi has been cited saying that location in his photographs is secondary to the ballerina. Personality is at the heart of the Ballerina Project, and at the heart of everything Sweaty Betty does is the customer, complete with her own distinctive personality. By equipping you with a choice of fashion-forward workout wear for every discipline, #TeamSB hopes you have everything you need to bring your personality to the fore. 
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