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Spontaneous release...

posted on Wednesday, 16th December 2009 | find under Fitness

Well, what an experience I have had. I was in my new favourite yoga class - I've become a yoga class junkie - Right here in Phoenix, I've found an amazing bunch of very dedicated and advanced yogis at a great yoga centre, with really wonderful and inspiring teachers. Yesterday right in the middle of the class as I was flowing into chakrasana (full wheel pose) I felt a wave of energy move through my body, opening my heart and I spontaneously burst into tears. In over 10 years of practice, this is only the second time this has ever happened to me, and it totally took me by surprise, (as you can probably imagine!) Afterwards, I felt amazing - so cleansed and light. I like to think of the word EMOTION, as E- MOTION - or Energy in Motion.  Somewhere within my mind and body was stuck energy, and going into this position, catalysed that energy to be released, resulting in the tears. It feels good to let go. Holding on to old emotions or stuff keeps us stuck in our stuff and our lives. Healing is the process of releasing, letting go and moving forward into our true and authentic selves. Please note that chakrasana (or full wheel pose) is an advanced pose and gives us the maximum curve for the spine. It is a good pose to build up to, starting with bridge and supported bridge. Keep practicing, and remember that yoga doesn't start and end on the mat, yoga really is a way of being in life. Beautiful blessings from my heart to yours, Namaste yogis x

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