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Some fitness tips from a bouncer!!!

posted on Thursday, 9th September 2010 | find under Fitness
I thought I might share with you some exercises which will work your core

Hello to you all,

I thought I might share with you some exercises which will work your core- and no doubt your pelvic floor muscles!! You will need either a rebounder/trampette or a trampoline for this part- but don't worry if you don't as next week I will share some other exercises from my core workout next week. Please note that I am not a fitness instructor, I am sharing some exercises from my experiences and years of training.

Rebounders/ trampettes provide a great low impact, aerobic work out. They look like this:

I am just going to give you some exercise ideas for the trampette that you can pick out. They get harder as I go on! Each exercise should be done for up to 1 minute.

It's really important to warm up your muscles before going straight into bouncing around if you are not used to bouncing on a trampete or trampoline. So just start by getting on the trampete and simply stepping on the spot for a minute. When you are stepping, make sure you tummy is pulled in, your back is straight and your shoulders are back. This is the posture you should maintain throughout the workout.  

* Marching on the spot; high knees and swing your arms.Remember your posture!

*Small jumps; only your heels come off the trampete. Just very gentle jumps keeping your arms by your side for one minute. Posture!!

*Jumping jacks without your arms; land with your feet apart and then together. Make sure when you land with your feet apart, that your knees, hips and ankles are square and that you are keeping that posture!

*jogging on the spot; small quick steps on the spot. Start low legs and if this is to easy move on to high knee jogging on the spot.

*Calf raises; this is harder on the trampette as it is an uneven surface so will test your balance and core!

 *Jumps with arms up; small jumps with your arms above your head. Kepp your tummy pulled in and you back straight. Make sure you do not twist and that you land on both feet evenly. Do the same with arms down and to the side.

*Squats; make sure you arent leaning to one side. Keep your knees square to minimise wobbling!

*High knees with upper body twist; Opposite elbow to raised knee so keeping your knees facing forward ,twist your upper body so your elbow taps your knee. Do not slouch!

*Spotty dogs; Hips, knees, ankles square- land with one foot in front of the other whilst the opposite arm swings up above your head. POSTURE!!

*Single leg balance; Balancing on one leg- make sure the standing leg is flexed. Once you have this, do it with your eyes closed. Another alternative is when you are balancing on one leg, pass a ball around your body!

So there's a few exercises for now, but if you want more I have lots- email me! Smile If you dont have a rebounder or garden trampoline but would like one click on the link to get yours or find out more about them! http://www.supertrampdirect.co.uk/

Get in touch if you have any feedback or questions either leave a comment or you can email me! x

Wall Mirrors on Some fitness tips from a bouncer!!!
By Wall Mirrors - 28th September 2010
We needed all so body fitness exercises. we cant do every exercises. thanks to sharing this article with us.
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