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Snowed In!

posted on Monday, 20th December 2010 | find under Tamara

Hello!! How are you all enjoying the snow?!! I had fun in it over the weekend- sledging down the hill!! It was brilliant!! But I have to say, I have had enough now!! It never comes at convenient times!

I have been snowed in today. I was looking forward to a visit from my S & C coach and analyst to go through the work we have been doing- but have had to cancel due to the road conditions. Fortunately I can cover most of my conditioning work at home but it is really frustrating when you have to keep changing your plan! I know I probably sound a bit boring and miserable but the snow is a pain when you're out in the sticks!

Nevermind, it will go soon and everything will be back to normal! In the mean time, I will be training at home, going through my core circuits, lunge patterns and proprioception, stability work- and of course I will be making the most of giving my body a break! I will do my best to enjoy resting up!! x 

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