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session 2

posted on Friday, 14th January 2011 | find under Fitness
I arrive for session 2 not feeling quite so nervous and get to meet the lovely Lyndsey who’s training me today. She introduced me to ‘the bicycle’, which is the leg motion that I’m going to be using to run. We do it in an exaggerated way that feels a bit weird at first but as soon as I get on the treadmill it’s easy to see how this technique is going to be so much better than my usual long stride and all out in front motion.

It was at this point that my training partner turned up and it transpires that she is an elite triathlete.
Why don’t you try and imagine what elite triathlete would look like, and then imagine how you would feel if she turns up as your training partner....get the picture?!! Her name was Emma and I was itching to ask her loads of questions, but there was no time to talk as she had also just been shown the cycle motion and we were both keen newbys at putting it into practice. It was at least encouraging to know it wasn’t just me who was finding it a little bit weird. Lyndsey had us both jumping on and off the treadmill. 60 second run 60 second rest .... it was just that Emma was doing it a bit faster than me.

The first few minutes were using just the leg motion, while we held onto the bar of the treadmill. Then Lyndsey showed us how to swing our arms. I was enjoying getting the feeling of the new motion, but getting information overload, as every time I jumped on Lyndsey would add another thing to my list of things to remember. Keep my right foot up, hold my core, don’t bend forwards, keep my right foot up, don’t swing my arms too far forward, keep my right foot up, don’t cross my arms over.....arrrgh!

I’m itching to get going and do this outside now!
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