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Run lady Run

posted on Wednesday, 28th October 2009 | find under Tamara

This week I've been out running alot. Somehow training and the weather have shown each other a little camaraderie and i have reaped the benefits. I do disappear into my own world as i do my laps (which is odd if you heard the volume and lyrics of the hiphop that i run to) and this week i have thought alot about my colleague and friend Emma.

As Im sure you have read, Emma is running the New York marathon on sunday. She has suffered in the last few weeks with badly bruised feet and yet she is determined. It made me really think about athletes. Athletes are a different breed. They dont moan becuase its sore, they dont mind that they arent out on a friday drinking, they dont see sacrifices as sacrifices but rather necessary measures to success. Everyone that has grown up an athlete has missed countless birthdays and get togethers, has risen hours in advance to ensure they train and have a normal day too, has picked their way through menus and planned their holiday hotels by their proximity to a gym. They pack their trainers first, they buy sports clothes for their technical abilities. They ache. Everyday sometimes. They are not put off by rain or snow. They dont care that no one was there to witness their personal best. They survive on strict diets that leave no room for celebration cake.

They see the bigger picture. They feel the strenght in their bodies and in their minds. They know what they are fighting for, whats it's all about. They are stronger and more determined. They are willing to adapt their lives in pursuit of a sporting goal. They will hurt and sometimes fail, but they will not quit.

Emma - we are there with you every step of the way but i doubt you will need us, because in the last 11months you too have become an athlete. Good Luck xxx

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