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Run Britannia by numbers

posted on Friday, 17th August 2012 | find under Nutrition

This Summer our Run Britannia campaign got the capital grabbing their running shoes and embracing British heritage, with free 5K and 10K sight-seeing runs around London.

We'd like to thank one who got involved, got sweaty and made all 78 runs possible! If you missed out on tagging yourself in our mug shots, check out the full Run Britannia image library here.

Don't forget we run weekly clubs from all of our boutiques every week so if you're missing your fix of getting fit in your local community (for free) find your nearest club here.

Weekly Running Clubs
By alice wyatt - 5th September 2012
Hi i have just watched the run britannia video, and i loved it, and aggree - it is a great way to get people to get out and run ! I was just wondering if there are any free running clubs to join, (like run britannia club), which i could join in !? I study in London, and do run regularly, i am in the Kensington area.... Any clubs near by you may know of? thanks alice
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