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Run, Bike, Kayak, Climb!

posted on Wednesday, 18th May 2011 | find under Nutrition
THERE'S nothing like an impending fitness event to get you motivated. And the Zest Girls' Big Adventure has really revved up my fitness engine. 

I've been slowing building up my fitness and strength following Isaac's birth.  From 6 weeks onwards I was doing the occasional short run, Pilates and lots of walking (lots of hills where I live too).  Then I started teaching one Pilates class a week (Pilates with babies), hit the weights in the garden and a few Zumba classes.  But now!  Now, we are really getting back to it and whilst it's really REALLY painful (I'm sure I'm less fit now than I was when I was 8 months pregnant), the endorphines feel great.  Boy how I've missed those endorphines! 

So with the Big Advenuture just round the corner (26th June) I've upped my game.  Operation Hot Mama is now in full swing, with weights on a Monday and the return to teaching two proper (no babies), non-distracted Pilates classes; Pilates on a Tuesday; Cardio Tennis on a Wednesday; Zumba and running at the weekend and more weights and core in the back garden (one of the benefits of being a trainer and being married to a strength and conditioning coach means we have weights and fitness equipment literally littering the lounge. 

If you've yet to hear about or sign up for the Zest Girls' Big Adventure, it's taking place on the 26th June in the Lee Valley Park and is being sponsored by Shock Absorber.  There'll be running, kayaking (on the Olympic lake), a climbing wall (although rest assured it's a sideways rather than vertical climb) and cycling.

To sign up you just need to find a girl-buddy (pairs only and girls only) and check out Zest's Girls' Big Adventure page: http://www.zest.co.uk/zestrace Or you can enter via Runners World.  It's £50 per couple and there are lots of goodie bags to be had too.

See you then xx

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