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R is for Realistic

posted on Wednesday, 10th February 2010 | find under 

HOW quickly a week flies and how fortunes change!  Last week for me seemed like a barrage of obstacles and mountains to climb. This week has been extraordinary ... and it's only Wednesday!

I have learned from my relatively few years of self-employment that often when you seem to be facing the biggest hurdles, it's because something amazing is just around the corner.  And that belief has never failed me. 

Just to add to the progress I've made this week in both my Pilates business and my new golf business, I had the pleasure today of somebody (Lucy) asking me career advice because they wanted to do what I did!  When I stopped to think about it it floored me.  WOW! What a compliment?!

So Lucy and I chatted about careers in the fitness industry; what qualifications to get; and how to go about it.  It's a subject that people periodically ask me about and a subject I'm always happy to chat about with people.  She had a real drive and excitement about where she wanted to go with her career and was seeking out the right people for advice. And what was so fantastic was that Lucy had a real grasp of setting out milestones on her way to her long term goal.  She was literally drafting out her road map, which brought me right back to our goal setting journey.

When you are setting your goals, be realistic.  Set small, shorter term goals to keep you on track.

One of the reasons I'm so fired up today is because I had a session with my coach at 7am this morning!  My coach Jules helps me to be the best I can be in order to acheive my hopes and dreams. Unlike Lucy, I can sometimes let life get in the way and hold me back.

Since starting with Jules four months ago, life has been just plan exciting!  So much has happened.  But my big out there goals still can seem huge to little old me,  I feel like Sophie in the BFG!  This morning Jules suggested I stop thinking about massive action and instead think about lots of little actions, that in turn lead to massive action. Suddenly the BFG seems less big and more friendly!

When bad stuff happens (which it inevitably will), the big out there goals can just seem way too heavy to handle. But somehow, a little step on a bad day can just about keep you on track.

This for you could be just deciding to change a training session from a 20 minute run to 20 minutes of interval training; it could be saving your daily latte money to put towards a fabulous designer dress; it could even be committing to a regular Sunday morning class to help you cut back on the Saturday night bingeing (as I suggested to a certain weekend sinner in the gym yesterday); or, like Lucy, it could be seeking out the right people to ask advice from and the best training providers for your new career!

Whatever it is, try taking a little step today. And even when those challenging days come, find a way to do something positive towards your goals.




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