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Pilates at Sweaty Betty

posted on Tuesday, 20th April 2010 | find under Nutrition

So, this is what goes on after hours in the Sweaty Betty store in Hampstead!  You think the staff go home.. OH NO.. they start their Pilates class!

Last night I went up to the Hampstead store to teach Laura and Mellie pilates.  What fun we had up there working out around the clothes.  As you can see, all we need is a mat and the floor. You can practise Pilates anywhere and here's the great example.

The girls worked really well and I hope they are not huring today.  In the photo above, they are setting up for four part kneeling swimming.  Their position needs to be like a table top.  Able so support my boiling pan of water on their back.  (it's not real - don't try that at home!) Then, they try and keep the imaginary pan still whilst trying to slide one leg away.  Sounds easy doesn't it?  As the girls!  It's definitely not easy.  If you can master that, then add the opposite arm. Don't spill the water!

Good luck.

Hope to see you up at the store when I teach 6 classes to YOU.. If you want to book your place, please speak to the Hampstead store, and they will put you on the list.

See you soon for more.

Sarah x 

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