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posted on Friday, 16th October 2009 | find under 

Contrary to the title this is not a tribute to Blur but rather an appreciation for Londons greenary. I am lucky enough to live on the corner of Victoria park. Its just a huge open expanse of trees, grass, lakes, deer pens (yep bambi lives in Hackney), climbing frames and even a 400m running track.

Ive lived here for a over a year and have run laps of Viccy Park in every weather. Lisa (my fellow running friend) and i often laugh at the conditions that we have trained in. You see we always meet early before work and we dont run with phones so there is a no cancellation policy. We ran once and got so drenched that at the 3mile mark i had to take my Asics off to pour the rain out. And in the darkness of January as i made us lie on the floor to do crunches we found our thermal run tops welded to the ice.

Thankfully this morning was great running weather so i completed a lap before meeting up with Lisa to run a second lap together. We dont talk when we run as we are IPod babies, but somehow we spur each other on. Great pace, cold weather, perfect run. We finished it of with a huge ab session in the play park and some circuits..oh an a third lap.




Ida on Parklife
By Ida - 28th September 2010
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