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Wellbeing entrepreneur Nicola Elliott on how to stay grounded

posted on Wednesday, 13th May 2015 | find under 

As founder and creative director of ultra-zen fragrance brand Neom Organics, Nicola Elliott from Neom Organics knows a thing or two about staying calm and collected when life wants to run away with us. Here she shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, and helps you turn a frenetic lifestyle into a (mostly) tranquil existence…

Neom founder Nicola Elliot

As founder of Neom Organics, mum to Charlie (7) and Alexa (5), and someone who enjoys having a busy social life, I don’t always get it exactly right.

Which is why my top tip is to acknowledge that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. The first rule of balance in my book is to accept that it swings like a pendulum – some days I feel quite smugly as though it's all under control and others I’ve been tempted to book a one way ticket (for one) to Australia. But that’s OK. Because it will pass. Tomorrow’s another day.

It’s also important to prioritise time for yourself. I don’t treat those moments for me as a luxury, but a necessity. With the World Health Organization stating that by 2020 the top four global diseases will be stress-related, switching off is as pivotal to your health as a consistent workout regime. 

Of course, others depend on you to stay healthy (and sane), too. By making space in your diary to do the things you love and enjoy a break from responsibility, you will be better able to look after your family and the people around you. Do the sports and exercise that you enjoy (in attire that makes you feel good). Stop and think about what you’re eating, and whether it’s truly nourishing for your body. Make sleep a priority – that means turning off those damn smart phones after 8pm, because they wreak havoc with your body’s circadian rhythm.

Personally, my favourite way to reflect and unwind is to run a bath filled with the therapeutic Neom Scent to Instantly De-Stress Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil. The warm water centres my mind and washes away the demands of the day, so that an hour later I can put my head on my pillow and have a truly restful sleep. 

To keep stress at bay, it’s essential to maintain a 360 degree approach to life. I refuse to skimp on the pleasures I reserve for myself – the food I eat, a little meditation, uninterrupted family activities and the odd glass of wine. And I always surround myself with people who remind me to stay grounded. I've just read a brilliant book called Eat Move Sleep by Tim Roth, which I would highly recommend. You can never have too much motivation.

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