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My 'workout run statement' clothes

posted on Monday, 23rd November 2009 | find under Fashion

It is getting very chilly now and with our Running Session starting at 6pm now is the time for me to change my wardrobe for something which would keep me warm but which is light at the same time.  There are plenty of lovely clothes in the Sweaty Betty shop but my favourite is the Thermal Run Pant and the Merino Run Top.



Thermal Run Pants have soft fleece inside which keeps you warm!!!



The Merino Run Top is the best top I have by Sweaty Betty.  It is made with natural merino wool which keeps you very warm.  I am not much of a pink girl so I have this top in the Blueberry colour. 

FYI: This summer I was very lucky to be invited by the Sweaty Betty designer team to give them my feedback on the their lovely clothes and to see their plans for future ranges.  It's so exciting to see those clothes I helped advise them about on the shelves in the shops now.  The designers at Sweaty Betty are doing fabulous job!!!


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