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Meet the Instructors Behind Frame Rave

posted on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
This Autumn’s #GetFit4Free Campaign is in collaboration with Frame, our favourite dance, fitness and holistic studio in London. Here, Frame’s Holly and Elliot tell us more about what inspired Frame Rave and why you should get your glowsticks ready for September’s in-store Frame Rave classes.

Tell us about Frame Rave and your background with dance in general.
Holly: As a toddler I could be found dancing all the time, anywhere and everywhere. My parents signed me up for a class hoping I could keep the dancing for the studio and just stand still like normal people. I don't really think it worked! I have been fortunate enough to have trained in many styles of dance in different places around the world. Frame Rave is a high energy, free and fun workout to fab tunes using all of the moves that come out late at night – it’s so fitting for London.

Elliot: Frame Rave is an excellent way of keeping fit and de-stressing. It requires no training technique other than letting go. Personally, I have been dancing professionally since moving here to London five years ago. I work within the commercial dance industry and have been with Frame as a dance teacher for four years.

What makes Frame Rave so great? 
Holly: Everyone in the class can't help but laugh and be in a good mood. I also love that you can just let loose forget your inhibitions: you don’t have to worry too much about the moves and you can push your body as much or as little as you like.

Elliot: One word: FUN. What’s great about this class is you’re having so much fun raving to club classics that you don't realise how hard you’re working out...until the next day, that is. The partyesque manner of the class really puts everyone into a good mood, making you want to work that little bit harder to reach your goals.

Why take Frame Rave over other dance-inspired aerobic classes?
Holly: Less choreography, more freedom. More sweat. A great soundtrack. Less fear of looking silly. More fun!

Elliot: Everyone knows how to rave, you don't need a degree to know how to fist pump and jump around as if you’re in a mosh pit.

What is your favourite kind of class to teach? 
Holly: Frame Rave of course! I get to experience the endorphins right along with everyone else.

Elliot: I love teaching any sort of dance class. At Frame we have a class called MTV Classics where we dance to music from the 80s, 90s and the early 00s. You can’t beat dancing to classics.

What are your favourite Frame Rave moves?
Holly: Hold your glass, put your glass down and GET LOW.

Elliot: Fist pumps!

When you are not raving, what other workouts do you do?
Holly: Everything. I like to mix it up jumping from Boxfit straight into a reformer pilates class. I get bored easily which is why I love working at Frame – there is always something fun and different to try.

Elliot: Dancing is my main form of exercise, but I do have to admit that there is no greater feeling than making a great playlist of all your favourite songs, putting your earphones in and running outdoors.

#GetFit4Free Frame Rave begins 5 September with online videos and in-store classes. Contact your local boutique for Frame Rave class times and look out for Holly teaching the Guest Instructor Frame Rave Event at the Kings Road boutique on September 12. 
#Getfit4Free Soundtrack
By Sweaty Betty - 7th October 2013
We teamed up with BBC Radio Producer Dave O'Donnell to create a bespoke playlist that matches the BPM perfectly! It's available here: www.sweatybetty.com/framerave
No Music On Video Because Of Copyright Issues?
By Anonymous - 6th October 2013
Really like this 'low impact aerobic' or Frame video but I am sure there is supposed to have music. I guess you can't include it because you'd infringe copyright but hey, there are enough musicians out there who would LOVE to make you some for free just to get their music heard and a credit for it. Otherwise I need to add my own music which is desperately hard to match the beat. My request is please, please could you add music to this video?
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