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Meet #SBFlyFlexFlow ambassador Hollie Grant

posted on Wednesday, 21st January 2015 | find under Fitness
To help Annie Foulds show you all the moves of our exclusive new Get Fit 4 Free workout, we chose three of our top ambassadors to feature in the #SBFlyFlexFlow video. When you need a super-efficient home workout, this is the video to follow! To give you a little insight behind the scenes and demonstrate what it takes to be a Sweaty Betty Ambassador, we posed a few questions to each of our ambassador. First up is Hollie Grant, founder of The Model Method and best known as the ‘Pilates PT’… 

What and where do you teach? 

I have my own gorgeous studio (PilatesPT) on New Kings Road in Fulham, specialising in Reformer Pilates and The Model Method. I created The Model Method to help those wishing to change their body shape, not just body size. It incorporates all the best features of Reformer Pilates, HIIT and weight training, and it is a really individual and results-driven process. There is a real emphasis on changing the perception that women should be thin and wispy – we push for strong women who will live longer without risk of illness and who focus on why they love their body rather than the things they dislike about it.  
What’s your favourite part of the Fly Flex Flow workout?

I love both the indoor and outdoor Fly sections. HIIT is huge at the moment, and for good reason! HIIT improves heart health, can help you live longer, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and absolutely blasts body fat! It's hard work but as you improve there is a real sense of achievement. 
What techniques in the workout are similar to your own classes or PT sessions?

The Model Method is all about HIIT! At PilatesPT we have hundreds of imaginative and fun ways to get your heart rate right up there, pushing your heart to grow stronger and encouraging the body to break down unhealthy fat in the body. In between cardio sets the Reformer machine tones the muscles to keep the metabolism boosted and create long lean muscles.

How do you fuel yourself on busy days like shoots or back-to-back classes? 

Before becoming a Pilates teacher I was an award winning pastry chef. I absolutely love food and cooking and take a lot of inspiration from my incredible client Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella. She healed herself through diet and has created the most amazing recipes that nourish your body AND taste good. I often teach clients for 5-6 hours of back-to-back sessions, so I have to make sure I eat as healthily as possible to stay energised. I stay super organised by preparing lunches and snacks the night before and eat as many superfoods and supplements as possible. 
Do you prefer indoor or outdoor training, and why? 

Indoor. I’m a pretty fair weather exerciser, and indoor training removes that potential excuse – it never rains inside! I also prefer to use equipment such as the Reformer, power plate and weights, which are all a lot easier to incorporate in indoor workouts. But I do think it’s fantastic that portable pieces of equipment such as the TRX and resistance bands mean it's become a lot easier to train outdoors. 
When contending with cold winter conditions, how do you prepare or stay motivated for your workouts?

Dress appropriately! Wear layers so you have options once your body begins to warm up. The hardest time to motivate yourself is during winter when it's cold outside, but wearing sweat-wicking, warm and reflective clothing will take the edge off. 

If Sweaty Betty readers wish to supplement the 3 weekly GF4F workouts, what exercise would you recommend? 

It depends on your goals and personal reasons for taking part. If your objective is to lose weight and reduce body fat, I would add in a 3-4km run each week... that’s a run, not jog! Do it as fast as you can, trying to beat your PB each time! This way your metabolism stays high and your ability to break down stubborn body fat is increased. If your aim is to be more flexible, try to complement it with Power or Vinyasa yoga (both are slightly faster and more challenging practices). For improved musculature and tone, try Pilates (particularly Reformer) and weight training (with low reps and high weight to increase your strength). 

New Year is a time to reflect on your ambitions and set new targets; what will you be working towards in 2015? 

After a very busy year career wise, I will be trying to make time for my own training! I first got into fitness when training for charity events (7 marathons in 7 days and cycling John O'Groats to Lands End). I love pushing myself, but recently it has been difficult to fit in my own exercise! I will be strict, say no occasionally, and get my butt in gear!

If Sweaty Betty followers want to see more of you, where can they find you?  

I have a busy year planned but have managed to squeeze in a few special events, like instructing at the exclusive #SBFlyFlexFlow event in association with Sunday Times Style on 1 February at the top of the Shard. I also work regularly with Women’s Health magazine, so you’ll hopefully see more of me in there!

What was your favourite SS15 piece you wore during the shoot, and why? 

The Anusara Vest I wore was incredibly comfortable, kept me cool, and I love all the different colours it comes in! It summed up all my favourite things about Sweaty Betty – everything is not only super technical and comfortable, but also designed to make you feel amazing! 

Next week's #GetFit4Free ambassador: Transition Zone founder Claire Finlay
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