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Meet #SBFlyFlexFlow ambassador Claire Finlay

posted on Thursday, 29th January 2015 | find under Fitness
In the second instalment of our #GetFit4Free Meet the Ambassadors series, Sweaty Betty speaks to Transition Zone founder Claire Finlay about her experience with the #SBFlyFlexFlow workout and how it translates to her own teaching… 

What and where do you teach? 

I run my own studio called the Transition Zone in Southwest London. We offer small group classes in TRX, Power Plate, Reformer Pilates Chair and Barre. 
What’s your favourite part of the Fly Flex Flow workout?

I really enjoy the warm-up. It’s a real workout in itself and definitely got every muscle fired up. The Fly section is also wonderful – it’s the perfect package of short intense bursts of high-energy drills to get your heartrate up quickly!  
What techniques in the workout are similar to your own classes or PT sessions?

I use many high-intensity bursts of exercises, just like the Fly section does. My Power Plate classes are probably the most challenging, including V-shape burpees, knee taps, vertical jumps and floor sprints. 

How do you fuel yourself on busy days like shoots or back-to-back classes? 

At the studio I am very lucky to have The Recovery Café on site, which provides me with all the fuel I need. Everything available is raw and superfood-based, so jam-packed full of potent energising ingredients. On really busy days, I tend to stick to our Super Green HIT or Protein HIT smoothies, which are perfect to grab and go. I am also a big fan of our hemp protein balls – again a great pick-me-up when you need a snack. 
Do you prefer indoor or outdoor training, and why? 

I am a lover of autumn and winter outdoor training. I love those cold crisp days for running. When I do go running, I always leave my headphones behind – this is my time to cut out distractions and get some headspace away from my to-do list. I also love to cycle outdoors – nothing beats Richmond Park when it’s just me, the deer and the early morning mist before the commuting crowd arrives. Being outdoors offers you a sense of escapism, fresh air and nature that indoor training can’t match! 

When contending with cold winter conditions, how do you prepare or stay motivated for your workouts?

If it’s early in the morning, I try to have something light to eat around 30 minutes before I set off. A banana usually does the trick. I always wrap up well, making sure my head, hands and neck are covered. Having a treat to look forward to at the end of my session also helps – a nice cup of coffee after a winter workout is all the motivation I need! 

If Sweaty Betty readers wish to supplement the 3 weekly GF4F workouts, what exercise would you recommend? 

I would recommend a strength-based discipline. Weights are great for bone density, changing body shape and gaining overall physical strength. TRX is one of the best all-round workouts available, and it’s a safe option because you rely only on your own bodyweight.  

New Year is a time to reflect on your ambitions and set new targets; what will you be working towards in 2015? 

My focus this year is on the Transition Zone. As a new studio (opened in 2014), we are doing really well and I want to continue to build on its reputation even further. My focus will also be on the Recovery Café, which is a really important part of the umbrella brand. Fitness and nutrition must go hand-in-hand. Watch out for workshops with lunch and supper clubs included! 

If Sweaty Betty followers want to see more of you, where can they find you?  

You can find me at the studio in Parsons Green. I’m a regular on the timetable. 

What was your favourite SS15 piece you wore during the shoot, and why? 

I really liked the Elite Seamless Run Top for its soft material and amazing shape. 

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