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Is it a break down or break through?

posted on Tuesday, 20th April 2010 | find under Fitness

This morning I found myself in tears... It was sweltering hot... I wsa lugging far too much gears, I was still shaking from fever and not feeling 100% after having thrown up all night. I'd just probably paid 10 times more than I should have for a cab because I couldn't speak enough Spanish to make myself understood. I had just checked out of my accommodation from last night, after being eaten alive by mosquitos in between my bouts of throwing up from my previous night's mexican dinner and I had no idea where to go next..... I just knew I needed to leave, to get out of where I was... But where to? I had no idea.... And the sun was beating down in the heat of the midday sun... and not a cab in sight...  And I found myself sobbing on the pavewalk.... After all the years of studying my mind - i was just noticing all the thoughts racing through my head... I just want to go home.... I hate Mexico... Maybe I should just get a cab straight to the airport and get the H**K out of here.... I hate travelling.... Where was my boyfriend... I want someone to come and save me...

And in this moment, all the things I was so grateful for, were forgotten. My transformative healing session with a traditional Mayan healer, the wonder of having my future read to me by a Mayan shaman and then translated back into English so I could understand it, and Cha Chaa - my driver who took me everywhere and waited patiently for me while I mediatated in ancient Mayan ruins and drove for miles to find me litres of the freshest organic coconut water in the world, and the best and sweetest watermelons in his local area, and the divineness eating fresh, juicy mangoes straight from the mango trees.... and my love and appreciation for so many beautiful Mexican people that opened their hearts to me and shared their stories and their lives and....Paulo Pedro, the philosopher, Mayan researcher and Mayan artist who spent hours with me teaching me about Mayan culture, and sharing his research on culture that opened my mind to a new level of deep respect for local people whereever I go next in the world....

Have you ever had this sort of thing happen to you before? Your life is pretty amazing, but when things go wobbly it feels like the whole world is tumbling down? Through my tears, I started laughing at myself as I remembered the saying, "This too will pass..." and it's only a couple hours later, and in the meantime I've been busy on line searching for my next stop - and I've done it all in a lovely, stylish and friendly cafe that does brilliant mochaccino and internet that has a brilliant (and free) internet connection...  and now I'm just about to jump onto a bus headed to this amazing, luscious Mayan eco retreat centre to while away the days swinging in hammocks, doing yoga in the Jungle and swimming in Cenotes (crystal clear aqua blue swimming spots) and visiting Chichen Itza (home to the original Mayan pyramids - one of the 7 Wonders of the World)...

So remember next time, when you feel like you are having a break down, ask yourself if maybe this is an opportunity to make a massive break through to push you to do something very different, that will ultimately lead you to where you want to be!!!

Much love and blessings from my heart to yours

Katrina xx






Linda on Is it a break down or break through?
By Linda - 28th September 2010
It looks lovely! hope you are having fun! x
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