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Introducing the new Sweaty Betty ambassadors for SoHo, NYC

posted on Monday, 30th December 2013 | find under Tamara

Joining the Sweaty Betty team as ambassadors for the Sweaty Betty boutique in SoHo, NYC, please welcome Simone De La Rue and L Boogie.

Also known as Lauren Goldberg, L Boogie is a life-long gymnast renowned as much for her own athletic ability as she is for founding her high-energy style of boot camp, entitled LBC (Lauren’s Boogie Club). As for classical ballet dancer Simone, her successful career took her to the stages of Broadway, the West End and more; later leading her to combine her passion for dance with her training in yoga and Pilates, and create her own workout, Body by Simone.

We caught up with Simone and L on their Sweaty Betty Ambassador roles and the latest from the New York fitness scene…

Simone De La Rue
What do you love most about Sweaty Betty?

First of all, I love the name! I love the fact that you understand women’s bodies, and make clothing that is practical and flattering.
What Sweaty Betty items are currently on your wish list?
I love the Protector Run Jacket for before and after workouts, and the Extra Long Leg Warmers…I could go on and on!
What is your go-to exercise move?
The good old fashioned plank is one of my favourite moves. It is a full-body workout that focuses on the core and upper body. There are a few crazy variations that you can do to make the plank even more challenging, like the Superman Press.

What would be your perfect NYC day?
My perfect day would begin with a cardio class at my NYC studio - there’s nothing like getting up early and getting exercise done! Next comes brunch (the all-you-can-eat at Soho House is one of my favourites, especially with dear friends), followed by a soak and massage at the Aire ancient baths in Tribeca. With all of the exercise that I do, I need to take extra care of my body. Finally, I’d round off my day with sheep's milk ricotta and a glass of red wine in front of the open fire in the library of the Greenwich Hotel. Heaven!
What do you most love about New York’s fitness scene?
Whatever you are in the mood for, NYC has it. I love the variety. If you feel like being Zen, you can find a great yoga class; if you want to channel your inner dancer, there will be a dance cardio or barre class; or if you want to hang from a trapeze, NYC offers that too! There really is no excuse for not finding some form of exercise that challenges and inspires you.

L Boogie

What is your personal fitness philosophy?
Back to basics. Fitness today has so many extra bells and whistles, that I often find myself going back to the originals: squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and crunches. I believe these moves make the core foundation to an exercise programme, and from there I like to retouch, recreate, and remix.

What is your go-to exercise move?
I'm obsessed with lunges, squats, and a whole lot of abs. You can do these exercises just about anywhere so there should be no excuses as to why you don't have a toned bottom and chiseled abs!

Describe your fashion fitness style.
My style is very ‘renegade chic.’ I love military and animal prints with pops of color, and I like neutral tones with a bold print. I love the layering effect. I'm all about a fresh pair of sneakers to complete a look as well. I like to be cutting-edge and semi-sophisticated with a fitness fashion flare.

If you could accomplish one fitness goal in 2014 what would it be?
I think fitness is a life-long goal. Each year that passes, I am thankful for my health because without that you have nothing. For 2014, I want to grow LBC. I think team training is not only motivating, but helps to push us to accomplish more than we thought we were capable of. I also want to keep up on all my fitness fashion and trends.

Who inspires you?
My parents and my husband are my biggest inspiration as they understand hard work, dedication, commitment, and the pursuit of happiness; and that inspires me.

Visit the Sweaty Betty SoHo, NYC boutique where Simone and L are ambassadors.
By Zoe Cronk - 16th May 2014
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