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Internet team night out

posted on Friday, 16th April 2010 | find under 

It appears the stairs are our new found enemy today, however the muscles stiffness and dull ache is a nice reminder that we certainly did feel the burn during our Pump Class at Fitrooms on Northend Road Last night. Our Internet team night out was a great way to get active and out of the office.
We rushed to a class at Fitrooms in West London on Thursday night, smiling and eager to get our sweat on. Decked out in our SB gear, Mario the MD of Fitrooms met us and gave us a quick tour and then it was into the studio for Pump. After a quick warm up it was straight into the squat track and before the song was over we were feeling the burn and our quads were to say the least a little shaky. We were then led through tracks for exercises using weights for a series of reps using our biceps, triceps and chest area before staggering, stumbling and struggling through the Lunge track, grimaces replacing our eager smiles from earlier on. For once the Abs section was a welcome relief, in truth anything that was not a lunge was a welcome relief.
We had a great time despite the inability to tackle stairs this morning and I think we might have caught the Pump bug and a few of us can’t “weight” to tackle the class again.
Of course because we still believe in healthy living, having fun and Cornish clotted cream, we followed our class up with a session at La Tasca - more Patatas bravas, Paella or Gambas Gabardina anyone?
Great workout, great team, great food, great fun! Thanks again top Mario and his team at Fitrooms.

The team post workout!

The Internet team x

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