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Honestly Healthy's Green and Lean recipes

posted on Thursday, 19th January 2017 | find under Nutrition

Meet Honestly Healthy

natasha corrett honestly healthy
Natasha wears the Tilia Tee

The Queen of Green, Natasha Corrett started Honestly Healthy as a meal delivery service, before expanding to supper clubs, four cookbooks and 12 Week Food and Fitness Transformation Plan, Green and Lean.

A self-taught vegetarian chef, Natasha introduced a focus on balanced eating to the UK after transforming her own diet (this includes no processed food, meat, refined sugars, wheat, gluten or dairy). Though don’t stop reading there, Natasha is on a serious mission to prove healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Now renowned for creating delicious, vegetarian meals that look and taste incredible, Honestly Healthy has a number of famous glowing fans including Elle Macpherson and Victoria Beckham. To help with recipe inspiration this January, Natasha has shared her go-to breakfast and lunch recipes to keep you green and lean.

Breakfast: Berry Bircher Muesli

honestly healthy bircher muesli


50g oats
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
100ml rice milk 
25ml hot water
2-4 dates
75g blackberries or blueberries
3 tbsp water
Optional: 1 tbsp of chia seeds

Mix together the oats, cinnamon, rice milk, hot water in a bowl. 

Chop the dates and add to the oat mixture. Leave for at least 3 hours – I think it's best left over night and you can then forget about it! 

Make a berry coulis by adding the berries into a pan with 3 tbsp water and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Mix half of the berry coulis through the muesli and drizzle the rest on top. Garnish with some fresh berries when ready to eat. 

Lunch: Green Soup

honestly healthy green soup


1 clove garlic

1 inch ginger
1 tsp cumin
2 courgettes
10g dill
1 tbsp bouillon powder
1 litre of water
½ apple
1 tbsp organic rapeseed oil

1 tsp onion seeds
1 clove garlic
3g dill
1 tbsp olive oil
¼ apple


Chop the garlic, ginger and courgettes roughly. Then add the rapeseed oil into a sauce pan and sauté with the garlic, ginger and cumin for 1-2 minutes.

Add the courgettes, water and bouillon powder and bring to the boil.

Once boiling add the apple and dill and cook for about 4 minutes until the courgettes are becoming transparent. Take off the heat and blend until desired consistency.

To make the garnish sauté the sliced garlic, onion seeds, dill and chopped apple in olive oil until warmed through. Place over the top of the soup and serve.
Three burning questions

Describe your morning routine?

I'm a firm believer that your morning routine can either make you or break you for the rest of the day! I don't have long in the mornings, but I make sure I spend the time wisely to set me up properly. I stay in bed for a few minutes after my alarm to cuddle with my dog, Lottie. Then I always have a hearty breakfast - it's my favourite meal of the day! I've usually prepped this the night before to save time and it'll be a Berry Bircher Muesli or my Sweet Potato Porridge.

Your favourite workout and why?

By far my favourite way to work out is HIIT training! I do the 30 minute HIIT circuits from my Green and Lean Plan three to four days a week, which double as my resistance training to keep me strong. I also walk Lottie every day when I'm in the country which gets me moving. Walking out in nature is the best form of movement meditation, it really refreshes my mind after being inside all day.

Describe yourself in three words?

Passionate. Loyal. Chocoholic!

See Natasha in action making the Bircher Berry Muesli here and Green Soup here. Sign up for the Green and Lean plan here and prepare to be transformed. Sign up to buy the plan before Jan 31st using code SWEATY31 for your first month free. To find out more about Natasha and Honestly Healthy click here. Join us for your fittest January ever at sweatybetty.com/31daystofit with exclusive workouts, wellness tips, exclusive recipes and more. Share your workout selfies, recipe snaps and tag your friends with #31DaysToFit. 
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